jueves, 15 de agosto de 2013


Black clouds.
Black crows.
Black balls.
Black walls.
Black love.

Blue sky.
Blue lines.
Blue nice is.
Is all nice.

White hope.
White almost.
White lost is hope.

Red rabbit.
Red stuff and shit.
Red purple red.
Red lengths...
Red, blood is red.

And all of these colours
can't be found
because I am blind;
I am blind because I have seen
so many things
that hurt me.

I don't know how to write
these words, so I spit
them into these sheets
Perhaps they are not the best thing
but they are mine, the only thing
I can truly say:
“Fuck you all, I have something
to stand for”
It is not a girl
because I need a woman
You aren't the person-a
I am looking for
They are only feelings
my seeings on the world I'm freezing
just wanted to be free
of this chains I'm still being
trapped, 'cause I want to break
into your heart and see
in first person what it is to be
the king of something
that you are losing
Anyway, I'm looking
for that perfect sentence
that cracks you and fuck you
can you write it for me?
'Cause I cannot find the words
to describe you as perfect as you
are. Look at my eyes
and I will say “Fuck 'em all
I'm goin' to kiss your ass
'till the end of my life”

And the sheet just flew
And I lost all the feelings
the words, the seeings
and just froze my heart
because I saw it:
I'm goin' to die
without knowing that
I would have been
the most perfect person
that have ever existed
If I had stayed by
your side.

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